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Crenshaw Underscores Commitment to Tax Reform

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

As millions of Americans raced to meet the midnight tax-filing deadline, Congressman Ander Crenshaw underscored his commitment for tax reform that will enable taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money instead of sending it to Washington. He issued the following statement:

"Low taxes come from low-spending, and serious fiscal responsibility is the way to get there. Taxpayers in Florida and across the nation understand this, and my record reflects a strong commitment to them. They know how to spend their money better than Washington and deserve to keep more of it in their wallets.

"That's why I voted to cut an historic $38.5 billion in wasteful government spending from the fiscal year 2011 budget -- real reform that sets the stage for the 2012 budget plan and trillions more in cuts and entitlement reform. It's also why I voted against ObamaCare, against the Administration's 2009 "Cap and Trade' energy bill, and against the 2010 budget plan.

"Moreover, I have repeatedly backed "Fair Tax' legislation, co-sponsoring this initiative since 2006. Every year, Americans must navigate thousands of pages of complex and wieldy regulations. They deserve a fairer and simpler code. A"Fair Tax' delivers that by repealing all federal income related taxes and replacing them with a transparent personal consumption tax on goods and services.

"These steps are designed to get Congress's fiscal house in order, cut taxes, put Americans back to work, and grow the economy, but we can't stop there. Taxpayers can be assured, particularly today, that I will continue to back policies that move our nation in that direction and reject those that won't."

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