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In Case You Missed It: Congressman Bilbray Participates in Congressional Forum on Biotech Jobs, Discusses Innovation in Earth Day OpEd

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From the San Diego Union-Tribune:
"The massive amounts of subsidy, of checks we write to an environmental snake oil called ethanol, is absolutely outrageous. The slogan in my office is "Yellow is not green, algae is.'" -- Rep. Brian Bilbray

From the North County Times:
"Bilbray said changes in regulatory and tax policy toward research and development need to be made quickly to prevent the United States from losing its leading position in medical research. "We need to ratchet up the urgency,' he said, referring to trends such as a decline in venture capital investment and growing pressure for companies to move research and development overseas. "This is one place Democrats and Republicans have to start talking across the aisle,'" Bilbray said.

From The Hill's Congress Blog:
"This past week marked the somber anniversary of the Gulf oil spill tragedy, which was a horrifying reminder that we must become less dependent on fossil fuels. I know how delicate these tasks can be which is why I look to innovation for answers.

With innovative technologies such as algae fuel, we have the keys to unlock sustainable clean energy right here at home. Algae-based fuel has the potential to significantly reduce America's dependence on fossil fuels but is excluded from most federal programs that support and encourage the development of advanced bio-fuels, such as cellulosic ethanol.

Unfortunately, algae does not qualify for most of these incentives because it is not a cellulosic organism. That is why I introduced The Algae Fuel Parity Act. This legislation will grant algae-based fuel access to a greater market share of the renewable fuels standard and clarifies that algae-based fuels qualify for relevant tax incentives. The promise of algae as a clean, renewable fuel that could potentially replace a significant portion of our imported oil supply is too good an opportunity to pass up." -- Rep. Brian Bilbray

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