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Ralph Hall Announces Decision to Run in the Republican Primary for Texas 4TH Congressional District

Location: Rockwall, TX

Ralph Hall Announces Decision to Run in the Republican Primary for Texas 4TH Congressional District

ROCKWALL, TEXAS...Rep. Ralph Hall, longtime Democratic representative of the 4th Congressional District, announced today that he has filed as a Republican candidate in the 2004 Texas Primary.

"This decision will not affect my representation of the 4th District and will not change my voting record. I will continue to vote my district as I always have, and I believe I will be in a better position to influence policy in the Republican Congress. This decision is in the best interests of my district.

"I have no ill will for the Democratic Party, and I know that I have many friends who might be disappointed by my decision, but everyone knows that my voting record has not aligned with the Democratic Party for many years. I don't think this will come as a complete surprise to many.

"This year I was denied requests for district appropriations because I was a Democrat who voted against the bill. I have always stated that inasmuch as I was a Democrat representing a conservative and Republican district (66%), that if being a Democrat hurt my district, I would either resign or switch parties. Today I kept my word.

"I also support a Republican President who is constantly criticized by the Democrats who seek to unseat him. In the past year, some members of my party sought to politicize our efforts in the war on terrorism and the liberation of Iraq to a point that the President's domestic agenda, which is overwhelmingly supported by my constituents, and the interests of my district were jeopardized.

"If I have made anyone unhappy in Washington D.C. - I repeat my longtime position. I'd rather be respected at home than liked in D.C. I'll be working for all of you to whom I owe so much. I want to thank Democrats and Republicans in the 4th District who have consistently supported me since 1980 - and I will continue to seek bipartisan support as a Republican running for the post again in 2004. My record of bipartisanship will not change."

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