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Administration Budget a Crushing Blow for America's Families

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Administration Budget a Crushing Blow for America's Families

Monday, February 02, 2004

"The budget released today by the President is another crushing blow to future generations of Americans. The record setting deficits that this budget will produce threatens our economic strength and puts a heavy burden on our children and grandchildren.

"Families in Texas are struggling to make ends meet and this budget ignores their very real needs. It fails to create jobs and shortchanges veterans, education and health care. The Administration is squeezing the life out of America's priorities with this budget.

"An example of leaving out priorities that greatly affects the 9th District is reduction of the Corps of Engineers budget by 13.1%. The Corps has always been under-funded, they're currently operating at 70% of the needed budget. For the President to talk on one hand about the importance of homeland security and on the other leave gaping holes in our infrastructure is confusing at best. This budget leaves the Corps hamstrung to keep our waterways open and safe.

"I'm going to continue to fight this budget and repair the deficit, improve education and lower health care costs. I can not sit back and watch as a the majority pushes through a budget that doesn't provide the support that our veterans and military retirees need and deserve, that doesn't provide the necessary funding to protect our ports from terrorism. The budget released today is a series of missed opportunities for American families, opportunities that we cannot afford to let pass by."

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