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Cicilline Statement on Earth Day


Location: Washington, DC

In recognition of today, April 22 as Earth Day, U.S. Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) released the following statement:

"We need to work together to create a better environment and economy for current and future generations of Rhode Islanders. While there has been progress made in reducing our dependence on foreign oil, more work needs to be done to assure our energy security and reduce the rising cost of gasoline. As the price of gas makes its way towards $4.00 per gallon, Rhode Islanders are feeling the pain at the pump and the time has come to once and for all end the tax breaks the Republicans continue to give Big Oil.

"The Republican budget includes tens of billions in tax breaks for Big Oil, and weakens our ability to ensure clean air and a healthier environment for our children, by eliminating nearly every tool the Environmental Protection Agency has to address serious public health threats from carbon pollution. It also slashes investments in clean energy -- like wind and solar. These key investments in energy would not only help rein in our dependence on foreign oil, but also create jobs.

"My Democratic colleagues and I are focused on Americans' top priority -- creating jobs and growing our economy. Part of this effort requires that we commit to common-sense solutions to ensure clean air and a healthy environment, reduce the cost of gas at the pump now, and end subsidies for Big Oil while investing in the clean energy technology that will power the future.

"My colleague, Congressman Langevin, and I are co-sponsoring the End Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act, which would end the ten most egregious tax loopholes enjoyed by the biggest, most profitable oil companies.

"I have also joined my colleagues in Congress to urge the President to open up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because it will ensure that America has a continued supply of oil and will help drive down the price of gas.

"Earth Day is a reminder that we need to enact smart and innovative policies that better the environment and our economy. I will continue to fight for these policies in Congress."

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