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Tax Day Message from Congressman Kevin McCarthy


Location: Washington, DC

In recognition of tax day, Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement:

Before I was 21 I started my own business, and those lessons that I learned back at Kevin O's Deli have never left me. The higher the taxes, the less you have to pay your employees and the less you have to invest in new businesses. You know today you pay more than 28 percent in state and federal income tax. That means the average American will work 102 days just to pay their taxes before they can take anything home. That is holding the economy back. You know in California we are a microcosm of our nation. The census just came out we have roughly 37 to 38 million people that live in California, that's 12 percent of the nation population. But we have 32 percent of the nation's welfare population. We get 25 percent of the entire budget in California from 144,000 people. What that tells you is that if you punish wealth creation you get less of it. If we reward government assistance you will get more of it. If you look at the example of Tiger Woods growing up in California, could get a college scholarship pretty much anywhere, went to Stanford. Good education, nice golf course. But he never lived in California after that, he moved away, not when he found a new house, but when he turned pro. The Williams sisters are good tennis players, they learned how to play tennis is the parks of L.A. but they no longer live in California either. We have to start realizing that the more you raise taxes the more it hurts job growth. We need more entrepreneurship, that is why the Republicans have a new path, The Path to Prosperity. One that would lower the tax burden so we can have entrepreneurship, so we can create new jobs. It's a different direction then what the Democrats believe. Look, Washington doesn't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. And the best way to grow this economy is to let people keep more of what they earn and invest in new businesses. You don't take a job from somebody, but you create a job. That will change the unemployment and that will change the direction of America.

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