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Representative Quayle Votes In Favor of 2012 House GOP Budget


Location: Washington,DC

Congressman Ben Quayle released the following statement Friday after voting in favor of the 2012 House Republican Budget. The budget, entitled "The Path to Prosperity," would cut $6.2 trillion from President Obama's budget over the next decade, reform America's antiquated tax code and save our health savings programs.

"Today's budget vote was one of the most significant votes in many years. The Path to Prosperity illuminates and addresses the real drivers of our debt. Telling the truth to the American people and addressing our fiscal challenges will bring confidence to the marketplace which will encourage economic growth and job creation.

"If President Obama's cynical speech this week was any indication, many Democrats will distort this historic budget for political ends. This budget sets a new standard for leadership and honesty, and as the process unfolds, Americans will learn that this budget relies on facts and solutions while the Democrat opposition is driven by demagoguery and political expediency. The Path to Prosperity is the right course for America."

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