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Representative Quayle Votes "No" on FY 2011 Continuing Resolution


Location: Washington,DC

Congressman Ben Quayle (R-AZ) released the following statement Thursday after casting a no vote on H.R. 1473, a bill that would fund the federal government for the remainder of the current fiscal year:

"Without question, the Republican Majority in the House has brought about a fundamental shift in the dialogue coming out of Washington. Since Members of the 112th Congress took the oath of office, the crux of our debates has been about saving money rather than spending it. Speaker Boehner and the Republican House leadership should be commended for shifting the debate. However, I do not believe this funding agreement goes far enough to reduce our debt. My constituents sent me to Washington to rein in spending and create jobs. We need to make serious reductions and reforms to ensure that future generations of Americans have the same opportunities that past generations have enjoyed."

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