Congressman Bill Johnson: President Obama's Budget "Vision' Raises Taxes on Job Creators


By:  Bill Johnson
Date: April 13, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bill Johnson issued the following statement regarding President Obama's "vision" for the federal budget and deficit reduction:

"While I applaud the President for joining House Republicans in seeing the critical necessity in reducing the nation's debt and deficit, I cannot support his "vision' that includes raising taxes on the very job creators who should be leading us into economic recovery. We have to act now to set our country on the right economic course. That begins with significant spending cuts -- both short- and long-term -- as well as imposing strict financial discipline on the federal government. Previous Congresses and Administrations have been as irresponsible with American tax dollars as teenagers with their parents' credit cards. Well, the credit card is maxed out, and we need to make tough choices to pay off our debt and develop a sustainable environment for job creation. Raising taxes on small businesses, entrepreneurs and other risk-takers is political cowardice. Our country deserves better."

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