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Amash Issues Statement Ahead of Shutdown


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (MI-03), a member of the House Budget Committee, issued the following statement ahead of the impending government shutdown:

"I am disappointed that the White House and the Senate are forcing a government shutdown because of their unwillingness to make reasonable spending cuts.

"The government's deficit this year is projected to reach an all-time high of $1.65 trillion. This deficit adds to an already massive debt burden that will irreparably harm future generations. My Republican House colleagues and I are determined to reduce our annual deficits--and our debt--to zero as quickly as possible.

"The White House and the Senate insist on draconian spending that will keep our deficit near the current level of $1.65 trillion. The House of Representatives would like to move toward a $0 deficit. We agreed to compromise at a deficit of $1.58 trillion--giving the other side 96 percent of what they want. Amazingly, Democrats rejected this compromise.

"I hope that the White House and the Senate quickly will come to see the value of reducing our deficit. In the meantime, Americans who work for the government and use its services will be negatively affected.

"I am especially concerned for the men and women in our Armed Forces who must continue fighting but who may not be paid promptly for their critical service. Today, I introduced a bill, H.R. 1442, to continue paying the troops even if the government shuts down. I also have pledged during this shutdown to donate my salary to charities that benefit servicemembers."

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