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Berkley Votes No on Extreme Republican Budget That Ends Medicare, Slashes Medicaid


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today voted against the Republican budget that would end Medicare and slash Medicaid while protecting tax giveaways to big oil and companies that ship jobs overseas.

"Nevadans oppose the Republican's extreme budget because it ends Medicare and slashes Medicaid in order to protect wasteful taxpayer giveaways. That's why I am standing with Nevada seniors, working families and the disabled to block these harmful cuts. Instead of protecting tax breaks for big oil and corporations that ship jobs overseas, we should be investing in creating clean energy jobs in Nevada, strengthening our economy and protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for Americans of all generations."

Along with ending Medicare, the Republican budget makes deep cuts to education, clean energy funding and Medicaid, a move which will harm access to care for Nevada families with kids and others who rely on the program.

"This budget makes the wrong choices for the people of Nevada by slashing Medicaid at a time when so many families in Las Vegas, Reno and throughout the Silver State are looking to this program to make sure their children can see the doctor when they get sick," Berkley said. "We can work together to reduce spending and to address our deficit, but I will not stand by and watch as Republicans attempt to destroy Medicare and Medicaid and cut education and clean energy funding just so they can reward big oil and companies that send jobs abroad."

In an analysis of the budget, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that a typical Medicare beneficiary "would spend more for health care" under the Republican plan (see: This includes seniors who will pay more for prescription drugs as a result of the "donut hole" in coverage being re-opened.

"The facts are in and the findings make clear that retirees in Nevada and across our nation will be hit with higher health care costs under the Republican budget proposal. Instead of finding ways to make care for seniors affordable, this budget will actually force retirees to pay even more out of their own pockets for medications, doctor visits and for other health-related needs. To put it plainly, this radical Republican budget will mean Nevadans pay more for Medicare, only to receive less coverage in return. I cannot support what this plan does to Medicare today or to Nevadans who are counting on this program to help them with their health needs once they retire and who will pay higher costs as a result of the Republican Ryan budget."

House Republican Budget Proposal Protects Tax Breaks for Big Oil, Not Medicare and Medicaid:

Eliminates guaranteed benefits for seniors under Medicare
Cuts education
Slashes support for seniors in nursing homes and health care for children and Americans with disabilities on Medicaid
Preserves subsidies to oil companies and giveaways to special interests
Protects tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas

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