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Republican Budget Ends Medicare as We Know It In Order to Give Tax Cuts to Millionaires


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico's Third Congressional District released the following statement today after voting against the House Republican Budget Resolution.

"For more than 100 days, House Republicans have failed to offer a single piece of legislation that will create jobs in this country. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Republican budget provides tax cuts to companies that ship jobs overseas while cutting investments, such as education and innovation, that are critical to a stronger economy.

"House Republicans' road map balances the budget on the backs of working families and seniors by ending Medicare as we know it, dismantling Medicaid, and giving tax cuts to millionaires. Some of the most vulnerable New Mexicans would see their food stamps and housing assistance slashed while millionaires and billionaires would see their Bush tax cuts extended indefinitely.

"This budget makes it crystal clear where the Republican priorities lie, and it's not with the working families that are struggling to make ends meet. It's not with those Americans who have seen their jobs shipped overseas. And it's not with seniors who would see their Medicare premiums double.

"While it is critical that we tighten our belts and make important spending choices, the Republican budget focuses on the wrong priorities at a time when we should be investing in areas that will put people back to work and strengthen our economy."

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