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Scalise: Obama Thwarts Law on Sacked Czars


Location: Washington, D.C.

Congressman Steve Scalise today released the following statement after President Obama announced that he would ignore the will of the American people and allow several czars to continue to exist and be funded in spite of the law.

"President Obama should know that it is the courts, not the executive branch, that has the authority to determine the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress, especially considering that he agreed to this provision and signed the law himself," Scalise said. "Every high school civics student learns that the courts, not the president, interpret the laws passed by Congress, and President Obama cannot exempt himself from the laws that all Americans must follow. The President does not have the option of choosing which laws he will follow and which laws he can ignore. The president knew that the czar amendment was part of the overall budget deal he agreed to, and if he cannot be trusted to keep his word on this, then how can he be trusted as we negotiate on larger issues like federal spending and the economy. A bipartisan coalition in Congress agreed that President Obama was circumventing the constitution by appointing these czars without the scrutiny of Senate confirmation. The United States is not a kingdom run by a political dictator, and President Obama needs to quickly reverse course and abide by the law eliminating the czars that were part of the budget resolution agreed to by Speaker Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and President Obama himself."

The amendment defunding several czars was part of the recent budget agreement.

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