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Disapproving FCC Internet and Broadband Regulations

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.


Mr. SCALISE. I thank the gentleman from Oregon for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of H.J. Res. 37, which prevents the Federal Government from coming in and regulating the Internet. If you look at what's happening in Washington right now, I think there is no clearer sign how broken this town is.

President Obama couldn't even pass a budget last year, and his party controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House, which is why we stand here today facing a potential government shutdown. But yet the President is going to come along and say now he wants the government to run the Internet, to have regulations on the Internet.

You know, my colleagues on the other side talk about all these innovations. And I love all the innovations that have happened over the last few decades. The irony of that is all these great innovations have all happened without this government regulation that the FCC is now proposing. They act as if we're trying to take away the things that have allowed the innovation.

In fact, it's the innovations that have happened because the government hadn't figured out how to come in and regulate it in a way where they would be picking winners and losers. And yet the FCC is proposing a plan that picks winners and losers. And they rattled off a big list of some big companies who have done well for themselves and now want to be those winners that the government would protect.

What you don't hear about is what about those small startup companies, that small company that is working out of a garage right now in California that's going to be the next big idea. But if the government picks winners and losers, we all know who usually are the losers: It's those small startup companies that might never be that great idea of innovation.

We have got to be able to protect the next Harvard student who is right now studying at Harvard but may be getting ready to drop out and be the next billionaire who created another great idea. And all those great ideas, again, happen without this government regulation the FCC is proposing, which is why we need to block them from doing it.

Then you can just go look at the innovations. In 2000 less than 5 percent of homes had broadband Internet access. Today more than 70 percent do, and it's growing because of over $500 billion of private investment, because of this innovation in the job creation that's going with it.

Let's protect those jobs. Let's protect the Internet's ability to continue regulating without the heavyhanded government picking winners and losers.


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