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Rep. Todd Young on President's Debt Reduction Speech: Increased Tax Proposal Is Disappointing


Location: Washington

Rep. Todd Young released the follow statement in response to President Obama's speech to lay out his debt-reduction plan, largely through tax increases:

"Last week, I joined my colleagues on the Budget Committee in unveiling our 2012 budget. That budget is a responsible and specific plan to sustainably create private sector jobs and pay off our national debt by controlling spending and eliminating tax earmarks, all while strengthening our nation's social safety net."

"Today, the President responded to our plan by giving another speech about fiscal responsibility. While I'm disappointed that he chose a path that would increase taxes as our economy struggles to get back on its feet, I look forward to seeing specific proposals from the White House. Any debt reduction agreement we might reach must work to reduce--not increase--the tax burden on Americans in order to create sustainable economic growth and job creation." --Rep. Todd Young, Indiana's 9th Congressional District

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