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Ensign Votes Against Continuing Spending Resolution


Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Ensign today voted against last week's negotiated spending resolution on account of its lack of serious spending cuts to restore fiscal discipline to the United States.

"While I commend the bipartisanship that it took to reach this spending deal, I simply feel that the fiscal crisis that we face as a nation requires much more than this resolution offers," said Ensign. "The United States is currently $14 trillion in debt and under President Obama's budget for next year, the United States faces an over $20 trillion debt burden --tell me what difference $38.5 billion in cuts make when we are spending in the trillions and serious entitlement reform remains off of the table?

"The American people spoke during this last election and the results show that they want us to work together to combat the fiscal and economic crisis that we face as a nation. I think that last week's negotiations show that both sides of the aisle and chambers can sit together in a room, but we have yet to prove that we can commit to making the difficult decisions that are needed to restore the future of America. We need to do this with haste and without further delay."

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