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Ensign Votes to Defund Obamacare


Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Ensign, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, today voted to prohibit the use of federal funds to implement provisions under the healthcare reform law. H.Con.Res. 35 was rejected on a vote of 47 to 53.

"This is one of the most fiscally damaging laws in the history of our nation, and we simply cannot afford it," said Ensign. "The billions of dollars that it will cost our state and the constraints it will place on small businesses across our country is unsustainable. I have met with many small businesses throughout Nevada that have had to scale back operations and cut employees because of the onerous costs that they will likely incur in the name of healthcare reform. Not only has this law exacerbated our financial woes, it has also threatened our nation's Constitutional rights.

"From the beginning I have argued that the individual mandate in this law is unconstitutional. Unfortunately, President Obama and Congressional Democrats have disregarded our country's founding principles by passing this law, and the result may well set a precedent that will unravel even more of our rights."

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