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Ensign, Hutchison Resolution Declares Libya Not in Our National Interest

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Senators John Ensign (R-NV) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) today introduced a resolution that would declare that the United States has no vital interest in Libya. The resolution would also assert that Congress has not authorized military force in the region, contrary to what the Administration says.

"As the situation in Libya has played out, I have been asking questions of this Administration as to what our role is and will be in the region," said Ensign. "These questions have not been adequately addressed by either President Obama or his cabinet members. For this reason and because the Senate has yet to fully debate this issue, I believe that the Senate needs to pass this resolution declaring that our country has no vital interest in Libya so that we can get our servicemen and --women out of there once and for all."

"The president should never commit our military forces to battle unless there is a vital national security interest at stake and without authorization from Congress. The conflict in Libya does not meet this test," said Sen. Hutchison. "With our forces providing the leadership for combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, our NATO allies and the Arab league, which do have vital interests in Libya, should bear the major share of the costs and the burden for future operations there."

The resolution does three things: declares that there is no vital U.S.-American interest in Libya; states that Congress has not authorized military power in the region; declares that the NATO allies and Arab nations that do have a vital interest in the region step up their military and financial contributions. Passage of this resolution by the Senate would express its disapproval of the handling of this intervention and serve as a warning against deeper military involvement in a conflict that does not affect our vital interests.

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