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Fortenberry: "Time to Act is Now'

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry today voted for H.Con.Res. 34, a budget proposal that calls for reduced federal government spending in coming years. It passed the House of Representatives this afternoon on a vote of 235-193.

"We must act to get our nation's fiscal house in order," Fortenberry said. "Nebraskans deserve the facts. The current level of spending cannot be sustained.

"The choice is clear: continue along a path of debt and economic uncertainty, or create jobs, reduce debt, and strengthen key health security programs for the next generation while protecting seniors. While many aspects will and should be debated, this is a substantive plan to frame a new pathway for fiscal discipline in America."

Fortenberry, a member of the House Agriculture and Foreign Affairs Committees, is a proponent of various budgetary controls, including a balanced budget requirement, the presidential line item veto, and a biennial budgeting process.

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