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Fincher Statement On Troop Funding


Location: Washington, DC

Upon passage of a troop funding bill which would fund the Department of Defense through September, Congressman Stephen Fincher (R-TN) issued the following statement:

"Today I voted for a Continuing Resolution to keep the government running while ensuring that our troops receive pay through September of this year. While Congress continues negotiations on a responsible budget, it is essential we provide our troops -- especially those serving overseas -- with the certainty that they will continue to receive the support they deserve from our government. It would be irresponsible for President Obama or the Senate to deny funding from our troops -- particularly after President Obama has committed our military to become involved in a third battle front. I urge them to pass this legislation immediately.

"I am doing everything I can to prevent the government from shutting down. Exactly 47 days ago the House of Representatives passed a responsible bill that cut spending and aimed to reduce our nation's deficit in order to create jobs and encourage economic growth. Since then, Senator Harry Reid and President Obama have failed to pass or produce their own proposal to continue funding the government. The success of economic growth and job creation is dependent on our ability to reduce federal spending and lower the national debt. It is my great hope that Senator Reid will join our efforts to seriously address the nation's out-of-control spending and help pass a bill that keeps our government running."

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