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Disapproving FCC Internet and Broadband Regulations

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, I think there is some confusion about House Joint Resolution 37 and what it does.

My colleagues seem to think this would impact the FCC's statutory authority, and I want to call their attention to the actual wording of the resolution. It's eight little bitty lines. If you start on line 3 and you begin to read, it says the Congress disapproves the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to the matter of preserving the open Internet and broadband industry practices.

Now, what this does is to say we disapprove it. If you want to get to the statutory authority, I want to invite you to join us in that discussion. You are going to have that opportunity. It is called House Resolution 96, and it is coming to a committee near you very, very soon, and we look forward to forever prohibiting the overreach of the Federal Communications Commission.

Let's also be clear on another point that has been misstated. There have never been telephone rules that regulated the Internet. It didn't happen. They were not there. So we need to be certain that those who are listening to us, Mr. Speaker, realize that never had the Federal Communications Commission, never had the Federal Government regulated the Internet until December 21, when the Federal Communications Commission met after we had adjourned the 111th Congress and decided to go where they had no statutory authority to go. They enacted, they brought the heavy arm of government in and put it on the Internet after these Internet service providers spend about $60 billion a year on spectrum, on maintaining this network.

I would also remind my colleagues that when the ACLU decided they were going to go in here and show there was a need, they couldn't even find enough examples.


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