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Chuck Fleischmann Comments on Historic Budget Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann commented on the budget deal that has been reached for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011.

"I am pleased that we were able to make historic cuts to the federal budget -- almost $79 billion worth. The government will continue to function, and most importantly our brave men and women in uniform will be paid. This was a long process, but the Republican-led House stood strong to ensure that needed budget cuts were made," Fleischmann said.

"I am also pleased that there will be a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood. I have already voted to do this, and urge the Senate to do the same. This deal also ends the "stimulus' spending that has hurt job growth in this country, and continued to drive up our debt and deficit. We are working each day to get our country's fiscal house in order, and tonight is a step in the right direction."

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