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HR 1363 Would Fund Military Through End of Fiscal Year


Location: Washington, DC

My sincere hope is that the Senate and the President will not force a government shutdown and will act on the spending measure, H.R. 1, which the House passed 47 days ago or H.R. 1363, the Department of Defense and Further Continuing Appropriations Act. I voted for H.R. 1363 which the House passed Thursday afternoon by a 247-181 margin. My main concern right now is to make sure that our men and women serving in the military, at home and abroad, will receive their paychecks. That is why the measure we passed today is so crucial. Though I remain optimistic, my staff and I are forming a contingency plan in the event there is a government shutdown. We are still discussing our options and will release details if it becomes necessary to carry it out. It is very unfortunate that we have reached this point and that our servicemen and women are paying for the irresponsible ways of the previous Congress. It was the responsibility of the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi to pass a budget for Fiscal Year 2011 and they failed. They did not even bring forward an appropriations bill. At the time, Pelosi could not convince her own members to support the spending because they were looking out for their own political lives. Because of this inability to live up to their duties, our federal government faces a shutdown and the American people must cope with the uncertainties that come with it.

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