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Nunnelee: "Today We Advance Our Fight From Saving Billions to Saving Trillions"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today Congressman Nunnelee issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed H. Con. Res. 34, Chairman Paul Ryan's 2012 budget resolution, "The Path to Prosperity."

"Today we advance our fight from saving billions of dollars to saving trillions of dollars," Nunnelee said. "The Path to Prosperity is a thoughtful, articulate vision of the national priorities Conservatives share -- keeping our spending under control, growing our economy, and helping small businesses create jobs."

"I endorse Chairman Ryan's plan because it allows America to determine its prosperity, not Washington. We must empower our families, our entrepreneurs and our businesses large and small. The Republican budget will do that by making Washington spend within its means while paying off our debt and fulfilling the mission of health and retirement security. Our plan is about preserving the America we love and building a brighter future for our children," concluded Nunnelee.

The Path to Prosperity will:

* Cut $6.2 trillion in government spending over the next decade from the President's 2012 budget proposal.
* Immediately reduce the deficit and bring it below one trillion dollars in 2012 for the first time since 2008.
* Reduce deficits by $4.4 trillion compared to the President's budget over the next decade .
* Create nearly 1 million new private-sector jobs and bring unemployment rate down to 4% by 2015.
* Repeal and defund ObamaCare, including the new $800 billion in tax increases imposed by the health care law.
* Stop the raid on the Medicare trust fund that was to be used to pay for ObamaCare, returning sustainability and fiscal responsibility to the program.
* Keep taxes low by preventing the $1.5 trillion tax increase called for in the President's 2012 budget.
* Simplify the tax code and sets a top tax rate for individuals and businesses at 25%.
* Secure our health and retirement benefit programs both for current beneficiaries, who will receive the benefits they've planned their retirements around, and for future generations, who will inherit stronger programs they can count on when they retire.

NOTE: For more information on the fiscal year 2012 House budget resolution, visit

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