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Akin Lauds Committee Passage of Reality-Based Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Late last night, Congressman Todd Akin (MO-2) joined Republican members of the House Budget Committee in voting to pass the 2012 budget resolution as amended.

Akin commented:

"By passing this budget through committee, House Republicans have shown that we will make the tough choices the American people elected us to make. The other party has proven unwilling to pass any budget -- let alone one that averts our looming debt crisis. In fact, President Obama's budget actually doubles the national debt."

"We will move the budget toward balance and pay down the national debt by $6 trillion dollars. We will have an adult conversation about how to restructure entitlement programs for the future. We will protect the most important constitutional functions of government and we will put America back on the path to prosperity."

"Unlike other spending proposals, our budget does not kick the can further down the road. Instead, we defund Obamacare, and restructure Medicare and Medicaid, while preserving benefits for those in and near retirement."

"It is simply immoral to say we will spend lavishly and live well now if we do so by burdening the next generation with unsustainable debt. It's time for a reality-based budget, like the one our committee passed today, that forces government to be more efficient now and reduces our debt burden in the future."

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