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Obama Budget Reprise is No Improvement


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) released the following statement following President Obama's budget reprise:

"Last week, the House Budget Committee introduced a serious, reality-based plan to reform Washington spending, eliminate the deficit and pay down the national debt.

"I am glad to see the President join the conversation about our fiscal crises. Sadly, his budget, and his latest speech is full of accounting tricks, budget gimmicks and empty promises.

"The reality is we don't face more that $14 trillion in national debt because we are taxed too little. We have a record national debt because Washington consistently overspends.

"We could raise taxes on the higher income earners, as the President proposes, and we wouldn't come close to erasing the deficit, but we would damage our economy. Top income earners are also top job creators and we should not seek to disproportionately tax those who invest in our economy.

"We could eliminate the entire Department of Defense and we would still be running a deficit, but we would invite unimaginable attacks from our enemies. Major cuts to defense spending are not the way to control explosive, debt-financed growth in entitlements.

"Today's speech still leaves unanswered the major budget challenges of the day.

"Rather than refusing common sense solutions as proposed in the Ryan Budget, we are still waiting for realistic and meaningful proposals from the President."

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