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Broun: Shutdown Plot Becoming Embarrassingly Obvious


Location: Unknown

Congressman Broun today released this statement on President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's unrepentant, unreasonable stance on the spending bill debate:

"Today, President Obama took a break from his top priority, launching his re-election campaign, and finally lifted his radio silence on the long-term funding bill. Unfortunately, he continued to play the same sorry song we've been hearing all along. If there was any debate on whether or not Democrats would really come to the table to avoid a shutdown, it is now dispelled. President Obama and Congressional Democrats continue to offer the same unacceptable "compromises' which has clearly illuminated their intention to shut down the government.

"I again call on Senator Reid and President Obama to stop this dog and pony show, and to show some respect for the American people. Their political games and outrageous spending have already caused enough hardship, and it is my earnest hope that they can start prioritizing the good of our nation over their personal agendas."

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