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Georgia Republicans Speak Out about Tax Day

Location: Washington, DC

"This year's Tax Day serves as a painful reminder that Americans across the country are struggling everyday to make ends meet, and unemployment is still skyrocketing in almost every city nation-wide. Our unsustainable debt and imploding deficits continue to raise doubt and uncertainty for job creators, so the economy remains in limbo. Yet, President Obama's only plan to kick the economy into gear involves raising taxes and expanding the overreach of the federal government. The last thing families and small businesses want to do is hand over more of their hard earned paychecks to the government. Moreover, hiking taxes will only further kill jobs and drive our small businesses deeper into the red. I will continue to fight for meaningful spending cuts, to repeal Obamacare and its job-killing mandates, and to ensure the growth of the private sector -- so that next year's Tax Day won't be such a sting."

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