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Boehner Answers Community's Questions

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Boehner Answers Community's Questions

I've invited our neighbors to submit questions for publication via e-mail at Here are some of this month's questions:

"What is your position on asking the United Nations to monitor our upcoming November elections?"

•William in Dayton

It's an outrage. This would stomp on the sovereignty of the United States of America in an unprecedented way. As an elected representative to Congress, I will never cast my vote to allow anything like this to occur. The idea was spearheaded by some of the most left-wing ideologues in the U.S. House who sent a letter to the United Nations, requesting the world body monitor the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections. Thankfully, their efforts failed. A majority of my colleagues in the House of Representatives joined me in approving legislative language to prohibit the federal government from formally requesting this. Free and fair elections are trademarks of America. We do not need United Nations monitors to confirm what we already know.

"Do you agree with considering a delay of Election Day because of a possible terrorist attack?"

•Anthony in Cincinnati

No. In fact, the entire House recently voted overwhelmingly to say "no" as well. Our national elections will never be postponed in the face of terrorist threats or attacks. We have held elections through world wars and even our own Civil War. In fact, during the Civil War, President Lincoln said, "We cannot have free government without elections; and if the rebellion could force us to forego or postpone a national election, it might fairly claim to have already conquered and ruined us."

His words ring true even now. Our elections will serve a two-fold purpose. First, we will select our president and our federal representatives in Congress. But we also will prove to our enemies once again that they never have and never will damage the spirit of the United States. At the heart of that spirit are free elections. And the next election will be held on November 2, 2004, just as planned.

"Where can we send a sympathy note and best wishes to Mrs. Reagan?"

•Donna in Eldorado

Condolences may be sent to Mrs. Reagan via the Ronald Reagan Library's special memorial website, which you can log onto at

Finally, here's a question I've received from many in recent months:

"Is there a way local residents can recognize the work done by members of the Armed Services from our district?"
Many local groups have asked me if I can provide them with names of our neighbors serving overseas - especially in Iraq and Afghanistan - so they may honor them during prayer services or rallies. Due to privacy considerations, the Defense Department does not share personal information about personnel serving in the U.S. military.

Occasionally, neighbors write to me to share some of the work their sons, daughters, husbands, or wives are doing in their overseas service. For example, I recently read a letter from a Tipp City parent whose son is serving in Iraq and distributes soccer balls and other toys to Iraqi children during the very little free time he actually has. It's truly a testament to his character that he is committed to making the lives of Iraqi children better, especially in the face of danger and uncertainty. And this young man is definitely not alone. There are many other stories out there similar to this, which should make all of us exceptionally proud. If you have a story about your child, spouse, or friend or family member, I'd be uplifted and humbled to hear about it.

I look forward to answering more questions next month. E-mail those you'd like to see answered in this column - along with your first name and hometown - to me at

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