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Government Shutdown Does Not Create Jobs or Save Money

Location: Washington, DC

Representative David Scott called today for the Republican leadership to abandon its pursuit of a divisive social and political agenda, come to the table, and work with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown.

"The American people want us to create jobs and rebuild our neighborhoods - not shut down the government and jeopardize our economic recovery," Rep. Scott said. "I am committed to responsibly reducing the deficit. But, Republicans are pushing an ideological social agenda against women's health that is threatening a government shutdown."

Republican negotiators continue to hold up the budget talks by insisting on restrictions to women's health services. This radical idea was never part of their original budget demands. Despite Democrats agreeing to over $78 billion in tough budget cuts, they continue to say their way or the highway. This may make Teaparty Republicans happy, but it won't create a single job.

"It is really a shame that Republicans want to shut down the federal government over women's health care rights," Rep. Scott continued. "It shows that once again, their issues are not really about the budget, but their social agenda. We saw in Wisconsin that the Republican fight was not over the budget, but over curtailing workers' rights."

Shutting down the government has real consequences for America's workers, businesses, and communities. The effects will ripple across America: over 800,000 employees may lose a paycheck; FHA loans may not be processed; tax refund checks may be delayed; and small business contractors will lay off employees.

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