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Dennis Ross Statement on the Latest Budget Deal

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dennis A. Ross, Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and Labor Policy, today released the following statement on the budget deal announced Friday night.

"While I am encouraged that the debate has shifted from where to spend to where to cut, the deal secured Friday is not something I can support. Our original pledge of $100 billion in cuts, or 6% of the $1.65 trillion deficit, was not too much to ask of House and Senate Democrats, or the President. In fact, members of the House took a 5% budget reduction this year and found efficiencies and ways to save. There is no reason every federal agency and department could not do the same. The Speaker recognizes we have a debt crisis looming and achieved commendable spending reductions. In addition, It is clear from the past weeks that Senator Reid and President Obama still do not recognize the crisis facing our country, nor are they willing to lead.

"Citizens all across our great country have been forced to endure painful household budget cuts. The agreement secured Friday cuts the federal budget by 1%. Farmers, Homemakers, Doctors, Teachers, and citizens throughout our communities deserve better from their government than 1%. Our children and grandchildren deserve better than debt to China and diminished futures. From the debt ceiling to the Path to Prosperity, our Republican caucus will have many opportunities to show the American people we heard them loud and clear in November. There are many struggles ahead and I will continue to stand with any of my colleagues who stand with the taxpayer, Democrat or Republican."

Reasons for voting NO -

· The deal represents only a 2.3% cut of our current budget deficit

· The deal represents only a 1% cut in the overall federal budget

· The deficit currently accounts for 46% of the federal budget

· The deal's $38.5 billion represents a reduction of only .27% of our National Debt (less than one half of one percent)

· The deal's $38.5 billion includes spending cuts already passed and not entirely new spending cuts

· The military should have and can be fully funded and taken out of any negotiations by passing HR 1297

Dennis Ross, son of Bill and Loyola Ross, was born in 1959 and raised in Lakeland, Florida. He graduated from Auburn University and the Cumberland School of Law at Sanford University. He has served as in-house counsel to the Walt Disney Company and as an associate of the law firm of Holland & Knight. In addition, for the past 20 years, Dennis owned and operated his own small law firm, employing 27 people in Lakeland, Florida and specializing in defending entrepreneurs and job creators. He previously served in the Florida Legislature from 2000 until being term limited in 2008. Dennis and his wife, Cindy Hartley, were married in 1983 and have two sons, Shane and Travis.

In the 112th Congress, Dennis will serve on the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform (Chairman of the Federal Workforce, Postal Service & Labor Policy Subcommittee) as well as the Education & the Workforce and Judiciary Committees.

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