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Department of Defense and Further Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. CRENSHAW. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

Madam Speaker, let me just remind my colleagues that when we vote ``yes'' on this resolution, we will be able to say that we have led by example.

We were told that we should take the budget-cutting knife and look at every agency and make them do more with less, to be more efficient, and we thought we should lead by example. And the best way to lead by example is to take that budget-cutting knife and turn it on ourselves. And that is exactly what we did.

Over one-half of the cuts that were made by the Legislative Branch Subcommittee, which I chair, were made to this House itself. We cut the office account of every Member of this House by 5 percent. We cut the budget of all the leadership offices by 5 percent. We cut the budget of all the committees by 5 percent, except the Appropriations Committee, which we cut by 9 percent. So we have led by example. We have taken that budget-cutting knife and we've directed it at ourselves.

Now, some people will say we cut too much. Some people will say we didn't cut enough. But, frankly, when this is all over, people are not going to remember the numbers. But what they will long remember is this is the day that we changed the direction of this country. This is the day we turned the ship of state in the right direction. They'll remember that this is the day that we stopped this culture of spending and we started a culture of savings. They'll remember that, the day that we stopped spending our future and we started saving our future.

There's a lot of work to be done. But let's clean up this mess. Let's move ahead, and let's get ourselves on the path to permanent prosperity.


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