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The Clean Air Act Must Be Kept Alive

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. INSLEE. Mr. Speaker, we will all breathe easier if we are able to reach a bipartisan consensus about this budget impasse that we now have. But we will not all breathe easier if the Republicans succeed in essentially eliminating the ability of Uncle Sam to enforce the Clean Air Act.

Now, I know it seems pretty shocking, but the fact of the matter is, tonight, as these discussions are going on, the Republicans want to put a rider--one of these noxious viruses on a bill--a rider that would make it illegal for the Environmental Protection Agency to protect our children's health against asthma in enforcing the Clean Air Act.

Now, this is pretty amazing. It cannot stand. We are encouraged that the majority leader has said they will not allow these riders.

Let's get a compromise to deal with this deficit, not make it harder for our kids to breathe, not make it easier for asthma to ravage our kids, and let's preserve a bipartisan success in the Clean Air Act.

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