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Rep. Deutch: Budget Deal Pins Burden on Poor, Seniors, and Middle Class Families


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Ted Deutch released this statement after the House of Representatives passed a continuing budget resolution for the remainder of 2011:

"Unfortunately, the cost of getting enough tea party ideologues to avert a government shutdown was $38.5 billion in cuts to programs for working families without asking special interests to share in the sacrifice. A deal that slashes Medicaid funding for poor children while protecting massive loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas is no deal. A deal that cuts funding for renewable energy while preserving excessive subsidies for the oil industry is no deal. A deal that that compromises away women's reproductive rights and promotes school vouchers while slashing special education and teacher quality grants is no deal that I can endorse. Even larger and more consequential economic decisions will be made by this Congress in the coming days, and we must find a budget solution that doesn't merely pin the burden on the poor, seniors and middle class families."

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