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The Associated Press - Tennant Jobs Plan Focuses on Energy, Internet

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Location: Unknown

By Larry Messina

Besides expanding high-speed access as part of her infrastructure improvement proposals, Tennant sees state agencies helping employers make the most of the Internet. She also calls for a one-stop Web site where taxpayers can track every penny spent by government. A nonpartisan watchdog group recently flunked West Virginia for not offering such a transparency portal.

The accountability is paramount for me, Tennant told the Associated Press during a Wednesday interview. When folks can see how their money is being spent, theyre more inclined to be involved in government.


As part of her call for government accountability, Tennant also advocates a halt to lavish spending on office furniture and supplies by public officials as well as to travel to exotic places under the pretense of conferences unless a return on investment can be shown to West Virginian taxpayers.

"If policymakers and elected officials and lawmakers know that the public eye is on them, then they will be held accountable, too," Tennant said. "Then we can get to the business of creating jobs and having good policies and having a diverse economy."

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