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Tennant Announces Jobs Plan for West Virginia

Press Release

Location: Charleston, WV

As Governor, Tennant will use Innovation and Accountability to Create Jobs and Build a Stronger West Virginia

Charleston, W.Va. -- West Virginia Secretary of State and candidate for Governor Natalie Tennant today released a comprehensive policy proposal to create jobs and build a stronger West Virginia. Tennant's agenda, Innovation and Accountability 2020: A Jobs Plan for West Virginia, is a detailed plan to grow West Virginia's economy by making government more transparent and developing a long-term strategy for diversifying the state's economy and bolstering its infrastructure.

"I grew up learning the value of a dollar and I know how hard West Virginians work to earn a living. It's time we had a government that works as hard as West Virginians do. As Governor, I'll set aside politics as usual and put the people's interest first so we can focus on creating jobs and lowering taxes," said Natalie Tennant.

Innovation and Accountability 2020 outlines how, as Governor, Tennant will develop a long-term strategic vision where manufacturing, energy, research, and development work together to grow West Virginia's economy and attract investment. The jobs agenda focuses on providing critical workforce development for West Virginia's workers and support for the small businesses that are the backbone of the state's economy.

Innovation and Accountability 2020 centers on five key issues:

* Innovation 2020 Commission & Fund: Capture a portion of severance tax revenue from Marcellus Shale to develop and fund a long-term economic diversification and infrastructure plan for West Virginia through the year 2020.

* Transparency Initiative: Create a sunshine portal where any West Virginian can go online to see how every penny of their money is spent and track progress of Innovation 2020.

* Government Accountability: Cut the perks for lawmakers, stop lavish spending on state vehicles, office furniture and supplies, put all lawmaker spending online through the Transparency Initiative, and restrict travel to exotic places under the pretense of conferences unless a return on investment can be shown to West Virginian taxpayers.

* Invest in Jobs & Main Street: Get people back to work in long-term employment with a good wage, benefits and the respect our workers have earned and provide much needed access to capital and mentoring for our small businesses to grow and thrive.

* 21st Century Economy: Move our research out of the lab and into the marketplace to create jobs and investment while providing structural support for our energy sector, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers.

Innovation and Accountability 2020 builds on Tennant's work as Secretary of State. In that role, Tennant has dedicated herself to making government accountable and never wasting taxpayer dollars -- she has cut outdated programs, eliminated excessive spending, and made government more accessible to West Virginians. One result of that commitment is seen in the number of online filings for businesses nearly doubling to more than 16,000 in 2010.

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