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Larson Calls His NAT GAS Act Solution to Rising Gas Prices

Press Release

Location: Hartford, CT

Congressman John Larson (CT-01) announced plans to reintroduce the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act (NAT GAS Act) as a means of battling high energy and gasoline prices Monday morning.

"Natural gas is affordable, abundant and American," said Congressman Larson. "It costs one-third less to fill up a vehicle with natural gas than traditional gasoline and, maybe more importantly, we have enough natural gas in the US to meet our energy needs for the next 100 years. Equally important, if we start making cars and trucks that run on natural gas, there's the potential to create over a half a million American jobs."

According to a 2010 Department of Energy report, the cost of producing a kilowatt per hour of power using natural gas is cheaper then coal, nuclear, solar and wind. And the United States is estimated to have three times the equivalent amount of energy available compared to Saudi Arabia.

The bill enjoys broad bi-partisan support, with Republican Congressmen John Sullivan (OK-01) and Kevin Brady (TX-08) and Democrat Dan Boren (OK-02), joining Larson as original sponsors. Last Congress the bill, which did not reach a vote in the House, was co-sponsored by 146 Members.

"The NAT GAS Act takes a moderate approach to reducing our dependence on foreign oil by incentivizing American manufacturers to produce vehicles that run on American natural gas and encouraging American businesses and families to buy them," Larson concluded. "With rising gas prices and growing instability in oil regions around the world, the time to act is now."

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