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Republican 100 Day Report Card Is In -- No Accomplishments, No Jobs, a Budget that Ends Medicare

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep Karen Bass released the following statement today on the 100th day of the Republican majority:

The statement follows:

"If this is what the first 100 days looks like, one can only imagine what broken public policies dug up from the ash heap of history Republicans will push in the next 100 days. The center of gravity rests with the freshmen Republican class and they will continue to tell their leadership in what extreme direction to march.

"Thus far, the majority has championed a record that ends Medicare, is predicted to result in over 700,000 job losses, attacks Planned Parenthood, vilifies National Public Radio, and maligns AARP. Cheering from the sidelines are corporations that ship jobs overseas who are asking for permanent tax breaks they do not need.

"Democrats will fight to preserve and protect Medicare, will invest in a Make it in America agenda that strengthens our middle class and grows our economy, while responsibly reducing the deficit."

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