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U.S. Rep. Karen Bass Successfully Fights to Restore Veterans' Funding Cut in Republican Budget


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep Karen Bass released the following statement after her bipartisan amendment to increase veterans' funding for health care and other discretionary services by a total of $18.8 billion over ten years was passed by a voice vote in the Budget Committee - one of the few Democratic amendments to be accepted by the Republican Majority.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, the amendment was introduced by Rep. Bass and fellow freshman Rep. Flores of Texas.

The statement follows:

"We have asked our veterans and their families to shoulder enormous burdens to protect this nation, and they have asked for very little in return. We owe our veterans the funding they deserve to receive an education, to provide for their families, and to ensure their health care needs are met.

"The passage of this amendment is proof positive that when Democrats and Republicans can come together in a bipartisan spirit of cooperation, we must. To have this amendment be introduced with a fellow freshman member from across the aisle, and have it pass without objection by the entire committee speaks volumes of what compromise can look like.

"There are sharp disagreements we Democrats have with the Republican budget. They want to end Medicare as we know it, but we will not let them do that. Yet where agreement is possible, we must find a common pathway and we did exactly that on this amendment.

"Democrats are focused on making smart, fiscally responsible cuts but we will not give up our values in the process. We have honored our veterans who continue to honor us."

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