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Statement About NASA's Decision On Final Destinations For Space Shuttles


Location: Unknown

"I am saddened by the fact that Houston's Johnson Space Center (JSC) has not been selected to be the final destination for any of our beloved NASA shuttles."

"Since the inception of the shuttle program in the 1980's, JSC has played a pivotal role in its successful development, by serving as mission control for more than 100 missions in space."

"Houston is known nationwide as "Space City' for a reason. We are proud of JSC's admirable work and multiple historic accomplishments. The invaluable service that Houston's Johnson Space Center has rendered is worthy of recognition and deserving of the receipt of one of the NASA shuttles. Although the Administrators of NASA do not share this sentiment; as evidenced by today's decision, it is comforting to know that the legacy of the shuttle program is already present in Houston, and the citizens of the Greater Houston Area will continue to celebrate the great achievements that have been made by so many who have committed their lives to advancing the field of space exploration."

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