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Sen. Paul Unveils Social Security Solvency and Sustainability Act

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today Sen. Rand Paul responded to President Obama's speech about the budget, and called out the president for not addressing the issue of entitlements seriously.

"Once again the President is failing to lead on one of the most critical issues this country faces," Sen. Paul said. "He doesn't believe Social Security is in trouble, but it is and this problem has to be dealt with today; waiting will lead to a much worse situation for every American from every income level."

Earlier in the day, Sen. Paul, along with Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) held a press conference to introduce the Social Security Solvency and Sustainability Act, a plan to bring solvency to America's teetering Social Security system.

"This plan fully fixes the shortfall in the Social Security program, ensuring that the promises we make today can and will be kept. It gradually implements changes everyone knows need to be made," Sen. Paul said at the press conference.

"If we wait a few years, the fixes will have to be more drastic and less thought out and gradual. I urge anyone who wishes to join this discussion to do so by bringing forward their own plan that fully fixes or Social Security system for the next 75 years or more," he continued.

At the press conference, Sens. Paul, Graham, and Lee invited engagement from President Obama on the issue, and expressed interest in working with the administration on a plan to fully secure the Social Security system for 75 years or more.

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