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Hensarling Statement on Passage of the Troop Funding Bill and House Republican Efforts to Keep the Government Open


Location: Washington, DC

"Even though I have been in Washington for a few terms, I have not lost my ability to be outraged. To have the President of the United States issue a veto threat on a bill to fund our troops is an outrage. This is the 3rd bill to come out of the House that would have funded our troops. When I look at the details of this particular bill, everything I see in this bill is something that either the Democrats have already agreed to or something they have already signed into law. So why, Mr. President, are you issuing a veto threat?

"To put it into larger context, you want to say "Senator Reid, Mr. President -- what part of broke do you not understand?' Did you not get it at the first trillion dollar deficit, did you not get it after the second trillion dollar deficit, did you not get it after the third trillion dollar deficit? Did you not get it after the single largest debt we have had in American history? How much more money do you want to borrow from the Chinese and send the bill to our children and our grandchildren? How many more of our fellow citizens have to remain unemployed because job creators know that massive quantities of debt lead to massive quantities of taxes, which in turn keeps their capital on the sidelines?

"Here is the outrage -- the outrage that apparently Republicans are guilty of is we are putting forth a bill to fund the government at only 98% of last year's level, and that is what Democrats are threatening a shutdown over. Again, I have not lost my ability to be outraged."

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