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Scott: "We Must Get our House in Order'


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Tim Scott (SC-01) spoke today about the threat of a government shutdown and the lack of progress by the Administration and Congressional Democrats to address the nation's economic future. In response to the impending expiration of the most recent short-term budget resolution, Scott made the following remarks:

"At a time when we should be focusing our attention on the FY2012 Budget, we are saddled with the unfinished business of the previous Democrat-led Congress who failed to enact a budget for FY2011. Such irresponsible action has created an atmosphere of crisis that was completely avoidable, yet appears to be intentional -- without a budget, there is no accountability.

Voters spoke in November and they spoke loud and clear -- they want federal spending cuts and they want them now. There is no enthusiasm for a shutdown, but if a shutdown is what it takes to get spending under control, then that is what we have to do. We must get our fiscal house in order.

Republicans acted in good faith and passed H.R. 1 to address the budget for the balance of this fiscal year. The response from the Democrats and the President has been nothing but inaction. This is not the time for hollow rhetoric; we cannot negotiate with ourselves.
I welcome a reasonable proposal and would give serious consideration to support it. But we cannot remain in a state of denial about our country's economic future. It is crucial to get our runaway spending under control.

We are faced with a clear-cut choice. We can continue to "kick the can down the road,' allowing our deficit to increase and hasten the bankruptcy of our country; or we can make the difficult choice to take a stand to preserve our future, even if that involves a potential shutdown of our government."

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