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Roll Call - Bowen: Beach to Remain in 36th District

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Location: Unknown

By Kyle Trygstad

A handful of candidates are running in the special election for the open 36th district, which, like all other districts in California, will have different borders by this time next year.

But according to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who is running for the seat, at least one border of this coastal, Los Angeles County-based district will not change.

"One thing we know about this district is that it will start at the ocean. Because only on the borders can you say, OK, you've got to start here," Bowen told the Beach Cities Democratic Club last week.

She stressed to the activists that public review was instrumental in this newly formed independent redistricting commission and that they should focus on whether the districts are composed of a community of interest.

Later, in an in-person interview with Roll Call, Bowen offered more detail about the voter-approved commission.

"This is its first-ever time to be drawing the districts," Bowen said.

"But the commission is now in place, and the secretary of state's office actually did the initial support of the commission, which meant we provided the phone lines, computers and stuff like that, and then launched them into their own space as soon as we could," Bowen said.

"So this is new, but there is a lot of provision for public review, and one of the keys is what is a community of interest."

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