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Statement by Democratic Congressional Candidate Debra Bowen on Possible Federal Government Shut Down


Location: Torrance, CA

Today, Democratic Congressional candidate, Secretary of State Debra Bowen issued the following statement regarding the possible Federal Government shut down.

Said Bowen:

"It's clear that House Republicans have allowed the Tea Party to hijack the legislative process in Washington.

"Earlier this week, GOP Congressman Paul Ryan proposed a radical budget that would slash Medicare funding while giving tax breaks to multi-millionaires and benefiting special interests.

"And now, our Federal Government is on the eve of a shut-down because House Republicans, taking their marching orders from Tea Party activists, are refusing to come to the table and make the compromises necessary for a bipartisan agreement. Even worse, it appears that much of the holdup is due to Republican budget 'riders' that would bar women's health funding to Planned Parenthood and restrict the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to protect our air.

"It is disturbing that a small band of extremists in a single House of Congress are essentially holding our government hostage over programs that are not only vital, but minuscule in terms of their effects on the federal budget deficit.

"Throughout my career, I've worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass legislation that helps our state. And as a member of congress, I will work to bring colleagues together from both sides of the aisle to pass common sense legislation that makes America stronger and moves our nation forward -- not toward a shut-down."

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