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RSC Unveils Plan to Balance the Budget in Less Than Ten Years


Location: Washington, DC

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) today unveiled Honest Solutions: Fiscal Year 2012 Budget, a conservative budget blueprint that balances our country's federal budget deficit in less than ten years.

Rep Scott Garrett (R-NJ), RSC Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman, issued the following statement:

"This budget blueprint proves that it is possible to balance the budget in ten years, despite what skeptics would like you to believe. These common-sense conservative solutions to address our country's fiscal crisis will ensure that we meet this challenge head on, rather than put off the tough decisions for another day. Gimmicks and tricks won't cure our spending addiction -- we need honest solutions for the challenges ahead. This budget blueprint offers a clear path forward in our ongoing quest to bring some fiscal sanity to Washington, DC.

"Time is a luxury we do not have. The longer we trick ourselves into believing that we can put off this problem, the harder it will be to rescue our children and grandchildren from a future of higher taxes, inflation, skyrocketing interest rates and massive unemployment. This problem wasn't created overnight and it won't be solved overnight, but the sooner we get started, the easier it will be to pull our country back from the brink."

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), RSC Chairman, issued the following statement:

"Americans deserve leaders with the discipline to do the hard thing when it's the right thing. President Obama's budget relies on gimmicks, trillion-dollar tax hikes, and counting the same dollar twice, and it still never even comes close to balance. Fortunately, House Republicans are answering the call. Earlier this week, the House Budget Committee laid out a blueprint that takes an honest look at the challenges we face as a country and how they can be overcome.

"The RSC proposal builds upon that work and shows what it will take to save Medicare, safeguard Social Security, develop pro-growth tax policies, reform the welfare safety net, cut spending, and balance the budget within ten years. Making the federal government live within its means will require discipline rarely seen in Washington, but it's no more than what families and businesses do every single day."

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