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Governor Otter Applauds U.S. House Republican Budget Plan


Location: Boise, ID

Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter joined colleagues from across the nation today in expressing his support for the fiscal 2012 Budget Resolution issued this week by the U.S. House Budget Committee.

"Having served in Congress with both House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and with our own Mike Simpson, I'm not at all surprised that they have been instrumental in putting forward a clear, responsible plan for returning long-overdue fiscal responsibility to the federal government.

"Especially during these difficult economic times, it has been disappointing to say the least that Washington has continued to spend and spend taxpayers' money while ignoring the huge debt being imposed on generations to come. Here in Idaho, we have met our own fiscal challenges head-on by balancing our budget, avoiding tax increases, and setting the stage for recovery with sound tax policy and limited government spending. Likewise, the House Budget Committee's proposal is a serious plan for addressing a system that has gone off the rails. It deserves our encouragement and support.

"Idaho has worked hard to keep our own fiscal house in order and will be prepared to implement any changes that may be necessary at the state level as a result of the Budget Committee's proposal becoming the law of the land."

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