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Common-Sense Solutions in the Debate Over Gun Violence

Press Release

Location: Newark, DE

In his weekly message, Governor Jack Markell focuses on fighting back against the terrible tragedy of gun violence. The Governor joined legislators and law enforcement to introduce some common-sense suggestions, in the form of four bills focused on improving public safety.

"Let me be clear: this is about helping to protect the brave men and women in law enforcement, who put their lives on the line to protect and serve us each day," said the Governor. "It's about keeping weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals, the mentally ill and people in no state of mind to make a rational decision about the gun in their hand. It's about protecting families and protecting the rights of responsible gun owners."

One bill (SB 39) will close the "gun-show loophole" in Delaware which allows criminals to buy guns from certain vendors at gun shows without having to undergo a background check; another (SB 29) would prohibit the possession of a firearm by individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol; a third (HB 48) would improve reporting requirements to prevent mentally ill individuals from acquiring deadly weapons; and a fourth bill (HB 46) would give law enforcement a responsible method to dispose of seized firearms.

"The same day our proposals were introduced, certain groups started making calls to fight them," said the Governor. "Calls and claims distorted their scope and purpose. We are still moving forward because there is a place for some common sense in the debate over gun violence -- no matter how angry the opposition. These bills protect the rights of responsible gun owners and better protect public safety. No matter how hard the pushback on this and other issues, we're going to keep working together to keep Delaware, moving forward."

At noon every Friday, a new video message is posted to the Governor's website and YouTube channel and be distributed to Delaware media outlets. Transcripts of the messages are posted and the audio version of the Governor's message is available on iTunes as a podcast for distribution to personal MP3 players and home computers. The Governor's weekly message is currently being carried on the air and posted on websites by various media outlets, and the direct link is:

Constituents, media outlets and others are free to link to the Governor 's video message on YouTube - - or on his Facebook page - - or on the Delaware State website at All are also invited to follow him on Twitter -- - and submit ideas through

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