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Kasich Applauds Passage of Calamity Days Legislation


Location: Columbus, OH

Today Gov. John R. Kasich applauded the passage of House Bill 36, legislation increasing the number of calamity days from three to five for the 2010-2011 school year and giving schools the flexibility to make up calamity days by lengthening remaining days in the school year. Kasich issued the following statement in support of the bill's passage:

"I commend the members of the General Assembly for acting in a bipartisan manner to increase the number of snow days from three to five and allow schools to make up missed time through extended school days. This takes some financial pressures off of schools and frees them to always act cautiously when deciding whether or not to close school because of the weather. This winter was harsh and many schools reached their snow day limit early in the season. I look forward to signing this not only for the relief it provides but also because, let's face it, kids love snow days."

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