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Berkley Alarmed By Republican Plan to End Medicare, Cut Social Security & Slash Medicaid


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley released the following statement on a new budget proposal released by House Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan that would eliminate Medicare, cut Social Security and slash Medicaid:
"This plan is a blueprint for dissolving Medicare, dismantling Medicaid and slashing Social Security benefits. Those hurt most by this plan are going to be seniors, kids and low-income families in Nevada and across our nation. There's no way for me to support a budget that ends Medicare or that punishes Nevadans who count on Medicaid for children's healthcare or nursing home services for an elderly parent or loved one. Turning Medicare into a voucher program will leave seniors vulnerable and limit their access to the medical services and medicines they need.

"This budget takes an axe to Social Security and will chop benefits for seniors, the disabled, children who have lost a parent and spouses who have lost a husband or wife. This is a program that has been there for our older Americans in good times and bad and I will not stand by and watch as Republicans gut Social Security at the cost of those who've contributed to the system and have earned these benefits. These cuts will shatter a promise that has been honored across the generations and I will stand with Nevadans who oppose this harmful budget proposal and do battle to safeguard Social Security for all generations.

"The reckless Ryan Republican budget is a path to peril that doesn't just harm Medicare and Social Security, it also hurts children in Las Vegas and nationwide covered under Medicaid. Parents struggling to make ends meet often have no other source except this federal program to help with the cost of a doctor's visit. We want our babies and toddlers to start life healthy and our kids and teens to be able to get treated if they become sick, but without access to Medicaid, they will not be able to count on regular care," said Berkley.

House Republican Budget Proposal Protects Tax Breaks for Big Oil, Not Nevadans, Social-Security or Medicare:

* Eliminates guaranteed benefits for seniors under Medicare
* Cuts education
* Slashes support for seniors in nursing homes and health care for children and Americans with disabilities on Medicaid
* Preserves subsidies to oil companies and giveaways to special interests
* Protects tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas

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